The vision of ZERO is big. Really big. Some might say too big for a small group of churches in West Michigan to take on. What we’ve come to realize is that although ZERO people living unchanged by Jesus may the end goal, the only way to reach this goal is by starting with one. 

The shepherd had ONE lost sheep. The woman had ONE lost coin. The father had ONE lost son. Though the hope was to get back to zero lost, in that moment, they weren’t thinking about getting back to zero. They were thinking of the ONE that mattered the most to them. 

This is how we must approach our vision of zeros in our community. It may seem counterintuitive to think so small considering we’ve been given such a large vision. But Jesus teaches us that the ONE matters. The One Individual. The One Family. The One Neighborhood. The One Community. The One Project. The One Organization. The One Cause. The One Issue.

The One Initiative focuses on the one. It exists to empower disciples to passionately pursue the one person they’ve been called to reach with the Gospel. It mobilizes groups into the one mission field they’ve been uniquely called to enter into. It supports the organizations whose focus is to enrich the lives of the ones they’ve been entrusted to care for. 

We are deeply committed to pursuing this vision of zeros in our community and world, but the only way we can do this is by intentionally and passionately running after the one.

how money is distributed.

Money raised through the One Initiative is distributed as follows:

10%: Grants for Small Group Missional Initiatives
10%: Scholarships for Camps and Trips
10%: Church-wide Sent Events
10%: Essentials Store (Located at Frontline Church)
30%: Local Partnerships
30%: Global Partnerships (Haiti and Ethiopia)

GRANT REQUEST for missional initiative.


Requirements for requests: Your group must contribute more than or equal to the amount requested. Groups may request up to $200 per request per quarter. Money must be used solely for outreach purposes and must directly benefit the community the group is reaching. Money also cannot be simply given away. Fulfillment of requests are dependent on fund availability. Upon approval of request, a check will be written and mailed to your group’s leader and he/she will be responsible for cashing the check.

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