overview of human resources


The Zero Collective provides practical human resource services and expertise to help each church within the Collective achieve their goals.  By centralizing services our model focuses on relieving the HR burden from senior pastors and lay leadership and allows these individuals to focus on other ministry activities. 

benefits of human resources

 The Zero Collective has a team of professionals who will provide the following services:

Payroll Management

Benefit Management

Health Insurance


Vacation Time

Worker’s Compensation

Unemployment Administration


Manager Support

Sick Days

The Zero Collective has a team of full- and part-time individuals who will not only assist with the services above, but who will also assist with the ever-important human talent component (staffing) of running a church. 

Many leaders today would say that staff turnover is one of the most time consuming tasks facing the church.  By joining forces with other Zero Collective churches the arduous task of finding the “right” person just got a lot easier. The Zero Collective HR team, along with the Senior Pastor of each church, will work together towards placing the right individual within each local church context.  

One of the huge benefits of joining forces with other Zero Collective churches will be the sharing of human talent between the churches.  This is not to say that people will work at a number of different churches.  What is being conveyed here is sometimes there is a surplus of human talent within one Zero Collective church and a lack of this talent at another Collective church. To quote Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, “The goal is to get the right person on the right seat on the right bus.”