why “zero”?

The Zero Collective came about as a result of an urgent passion to see every single person in our world come to Jesus.  Period.  He is the only one who saves, and He is the only one who changes lives. 

Zero Collective Logo.png

Pursuing the dream of seeing “zero lives unchanged by Jesus” is what keeps us up every morning.  As we have pursued that urgent passion, we have come to believe this is not possible through one local church alone. 

The driving idea behind the ZEROS comes from Luke 15, where we find the famous parable Jesus tells of the shepherd leaving the ninety-nine sheep to go in search of the one lost sheep.  The motive of the shepherd seems to matter.  His drive to find the lost sheep is not so he can get to 100, or grow his personal flock to 200!  What drove the shepherd to leave the ninety-nine and go in search of the one was that there would be zero lost sheep. 

We believe that’s what drives the heart of God the Father when He looks at our city today.  That’s what drives us at the Zero Collective.  We believe by joining together with local churches who share that same passion, we can get closer to ZERO together.  And at the end of the day, what greater thing could any of us give our lives to?

why a “collective”?

Because of the great need in our region for life-giving, lost-seeking, and Gospel-driven churches, we realize no church can fully flourish on its own. We particularly see the value in connecting the Kingdom force that exists within churches that may be either wavering or flourishing in making disciples. Forming the Zero Collective assists our leaders in the discernment process as we seek to expand God’s mission in our region. 

As a local church, joining the Zero Collective not only provides resources and collaboration but also gives your local church a chance to contribute the very best of what God is doing to other churches within the Collective. Creativity arises most often in community. With the desperate need for the Good News within our region, our vision demands we collaborate and become creative agents of Kingdom good. We believe this happens best when our churches are connected, efficient, and banded together in seeing zero lives unchanged by Jesus Christ. Many churches (and church leaders) struggle to keep “the main thing the main thing” and the Zero Collective is our best attempt at freeing leaders to be the disciple-making, vision-casting, and emotionally-healthy leaders God desires us to be.