overview of media & communications

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Having an effective communications strategy is considered to be a vital component to the growth of any organization. Within the Zero Collective, churches have the added benefit of gaining access to professional and personalized communication plans that directly affect your ministry’s impact. By centralizing communications, the Zero Collective is able to convey a unified message that easily conveys the vision of the Zero Collective (Until Zero people remain unchanged by Jesus), but does it in a way that is church and community specific.

communications team

One of the major benefits of belonging to the Zero Collective is having a team of professionals consisting of graphic artists, photographers, and social media experts whose goal and purpose is to provide each Zero Collective church with impactful graphics, promotional material, online resources and other communication pieces distinct for their individual needs. 

The Communications Team exists to collaboratively create, organize, plan and implement effective communications messages for the Zero Collective churches. Through the use of various media and channels, the team develops a unified message that effectively communicates the vision of the Collective, while also personalizing messages for individual churches and their unique contexts. 

The primary functions of the Communications Team are as follows:

Maintaining a unified visual identity/brand of the Zero Collective.

Communicating key and priority messages on various platforms.

Improving the guest experience and next steps for guests with effective and personalized promotional material.

Utilizing websites, social media, texting, etc, to their fullest capacities.

Developing internal communications processes for church staff.

Managing and keeping up-to-date a collective-wide Google Team Drive file system.