The Zero Collective believes every single person who follows Jesus has been called to actively take part in God’s mission of reconciliation in the world. We don’t confine “missions” to a department, a series of overseas trips, or a niche ministry for those so inclined. As a central pillar of the Zero Collective, zero unfulfilled callings means each and every member of the Church is called to be a missionary in their own context. Mobilization of the church is a non-negotiable for the Collective. The Zero Collective is committed to resourcing your church to equip and activate every member to live as sent missionaries in all spheres of life.  

Personal Evangelism

For an individual to be able to fully step into his or her calling to reach others, they must develop an understanding of the Gospel and have the ability to clearly articulate it, both through the story of Scripture and through personal testimony. Zero Collective churches receive resourcing to prepare their members to personally share the Gospel in their current areas of influence. This happens through individualized training, collective-wide workshops, small group material, and real-world opportunities.

Group Activation

 It was never God’s intent for His followers to be on mission alone. Therefore, we think small groups are the perfect environment to develop a shared passion for the lost and a recalibration outward. Zero Collective churches are encouraged to activate their small groups to take on missional rhythms and activities. This includes learning biblical practices of mission and discipleship, developing a shared missional focus, connecting with outside organizations, and developing regular patterns of community engagement.

Community Transformation

Zero Collective churches are provided training on how to effectively love their neighbors and do justice within their neighborhoods and city. This ultimately means learning how to join with what God is already at work doing in their community. This process includes community asset and need mapping, partnership development within their community, resources to contextualize their unique mission field, and resources to serve their context through church-wide outreach events.

Cross-Cultural Engagement

 Zero Collective churches have the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural mission and discipleship. Through both urban and international partnerships, collective churches can take part in vision trips that not only develop an empathy and appreciation for other cultures and socio-economic realities, but also activate a vision and passion for mission in their own areas of influence.